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WIKA Air Data Test İndicator (CPA2501)

WIKA Air Data Test İndicator (CPA2501)

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  • Aviation calibration labs
  • Aviation repair stations
  • Manufacturers of avionics equipment
  • Manufacturers of aerospace equipment
  • Wind tunnels

Key Features

  • Indication of altitude and airspeed and rates
  • Ps, Pt / Qc ranges
  • Altitude uncertainty: +/- 3 ft. at sea level
  • RVSM compliant
  • RS-232 and ethernet standard

The CPA2501 is used in aviation and aerospace applications for calibration of altimeters and airspeed indicators, displaying altitude, airspeed, altitude rate (vertical airspeed) and airspeed rate (acceleration). Applied wherever there is a need for a high level of accuracy in an avionics indicator or calibration device.

Functional Flexibility
The CPA2501 can be configured with an altitude channel and an airspeed channel consisting of Ps / Pt or Ps / Qc. It can be configured as a single channel altitude / altitude rate indicator, (Ps only) a single channel airspeed / airspeed rate indicator (Qc only) or it can be a dual channel unit configured as Ps / Pt or Ps / Qc. In the Ps / Pt version the airspeed / airspeed rate channel is a calculated channel. An optional barometer can be installed for display in the front panel or as a separate channel. Pressure ranges for each channel can be specified by the customer. Guidelines for ranges are given in the pressure range section of the specifications on page 2.

The CPA2501 versions are as follows:

  • Ps (altitude version)
  • Qc (airspeed version)
  • Ps/Qc with a virtual Pt channel
  • Ps/Pt with a virtual Qc channel

An optional barometric sensor can be added to any version.

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