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Cone Flow Meter (FLC-FC)

Cone Flow Meter (FLC-FC)

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For high performance in applications with limited mounting space


  • Oil and gas processing
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Water and wastewater
  • Mining and basic materials industry
  • Power generation

Special features

  • Suitable for liquids, gases and steam
  • Wide turndown
  • Low requirements for straight upstream and downstream pipes
  • Low costs and low maintenance effort




The model FLC-FC cone flow meter uses differential pressure to determine the flow in applications with limited mounting space.

Thanks to its special design, the flow meter ensures low pressure loss, high accuracy and repeatability, even under difficult conditions. The model FLC-FC is produced in accordance with the ISO 5167 reference standard.

Low maintenance effort
The external surface of the flow meter is protected from particles in the medium, which ensures a long service life even in applications with abrasive liquid.

Short upstream and downstream pipes possible
The optimised flow profile prevents asymmetric flow effects and enables operation with very short upstream and downstream pipes.

High quality
Only high-quality and traceable materials are used for the cone flow meter. Each flow meter is subjected to strict controls and non-destructive tests before delivery in order to ensure WIKA’s quality standard.

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