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WIKA Gas Dehydration System (GAD-2000)

WIKA Gas Dehydration System (GAD-2000)

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For SF6 gas-filled equipment during operation


  • Reduction of humidity content in SF6 gas-filled equipment during operation

Special features

  • Ensuring system safety through a double safety system
  • Efficient reduction of maintenance costs on SF6 gas-filled equipment (gas dehydration during operation)
  • Use of two parallel filters (model GPF-10) for high water absorption capacities
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Easy and intuitive operation via 7″ touchscreen




Humidity in SF6 gas-filled equipment
In medium and high-voltage switchgear of the electricity grid operators, the SF6 gas acts as an extremely efficient insulation medium and operates as the arc quenching during the switching process.

The reality is usually different, since absolutely pure SF6 gas is found in very little equipment. Depending on the amount of reactants present, with humidity occurring the most frequently, following energy input, highly toxic decomposition products are formed. In addition, the decomposition products not only strongly attack the surfaces of the tanks, but also progressively reduce the dielectric strength of the insulation materials in the switchgear.


Gas dehydration in equipment during operation
The gas dehydration system, model GAD-2000, can reduce the humidity content of SF6 gas-filled equipment. It takes the gas out, dries it independently and fills it back to the gas compartment. The double safety system consisting of an implemented SIL2 safety control and a status query of the gas density monitor enables a risk-free and trouble-free execution during the operation of the switchgear.

The gas dehydration system can be equipped, optionally, with a GSM module for data transfer to the mobile device of the operator. For example, information regarding the estimated remaining time of the process or the current humidity values in the gas compartment, as well as information on necessary service operations, such as a filter replacement, are transmitted.

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