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HHR ProPak™ Flow Meter For Oil And Gas (FLC-HHR-PP)

HHR ProPak™ Flow Meter For Oil And Gas (FLC-HHR-PP)

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For applications without straight upstream and downstream pipes


  • Custody transfer according to test protocol API 22.2
  • Oil production and refining
  • Power generation
  • Gas processing and transport, LNG, FLNG
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries

Special features

  • No need for straight upstream and downstream pipes
  • Highest accuracy
  • Energy-efficient
  • Flexible installation
  • Wide variety of applications




Innovative technology and design
The HHR ProPak™ flow meter is a technological advancement in differential pressure flow measurement, redefining performance standards in critical applications in the oil and gas industry.

No need for straight upstream and downstream pipes
The unique design ensures that the flow velocity profile is well developed and properly defined prior to measurement. Test results show that the flow meter maintains its high accuracy and performance without any additional upstream or downstream piping, even in the case of disturbed flows.

Maximised performance
The HHR ProPak™ flow meter has a lower permanent pressure loss than the orifice plate or cone flow meter. This is enabled by an optimised inlet and pressure recovery cone.

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